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Classic Vehicles



At Bailout Insurance Group, LLC, we understand that most people just don’t understand.  We love classic vehicle and those who drive them.  We understand the hard work and energy you put into your classic car, truck or motorcycle can never be replaced.  For this reason we have partnered up with an insurance carrier that loves your classic vehicle just as much as you do.  Regular auto insurance just won’t cut it.  Our insurance carrier specializes in classic vehicles and has plenty to offer the classic car, truck or motorcycle enthusiast.  This is why we are proud to team up with them to keep your classic vehicle covered.  Here are just a few thongs we can offer you.



We know that MOST auto insurers cover cars that are driven on a daily basis.  We know that your classic vehicle is driven on special occasions so we are able to save you an average of 36% on your classic auto premium.*



You tell us the value of your classic car or truck and our insurer will confirm that it is fair.  If, there is a total loss, our insurer will guarantee that you will a get a payout in the amount of the agreed upon value of the vehicle.* An Agreed Value policy guarantees that you receive the FULL amount of the insured amount of your classic vehicle (No Depreciation) in the unfortunate event of a total loss.



Classic cars are made to be driven.  Our insurer will never hold you to a fixed mileage limit – as long as you are not driving your classic vehicle EVERYDAY.  Even if you have Collision and Comprehensive with a regular insurance carrier, there may be mileage and usage restrictions.



Our insurer has claims adjusters that have undergone training in classic car repair and there parts specialists can access the original parts foe every vehicle they insure.


Let Bailout Insurance Group be your Insurance Agency to protect that classic vehicle you love so much.  Does your vehicle qualify?  Give us a call.  We have several options to get you started.


If you need insurance for your classic vehicle, let us help you get your vehicle protected today.